About Us

How did we start this?

Back in 2020, there was a surge in the 3d printing market and people started to know. I bought my 3d printer (it was a Prusa, open frame model) and I started to figure out that I was not getting the prints as expected.

Then I started to go through forums and blogs. Surprisingly, most of the blogs didn’t have organized information. So, I decided to write about this topic.

Later on, I found that the laser engraving machine has many similarities with the 3d printers since both machines work with the same CNC algorithm. I invested in many laser engravers and started to write about them.

Similarly, one day I found that my HP printer was printing a white page. I do not print regularly so I sat back to see what could be a suitable printer for myself. Then again, decided to write something more about the printers.

In summary, whatever I write here, each topic came from the real problem of my life that further inspired me to help other people.

Our Mission

As a laser engraving, printing, and 3d printing blog, our primary intention is to deliver you the latest updates along with other informative assistance. Alongside this, we perform reviews and other due diligence processes as a means of assisting our readers.

  • The content of this website is 100% unique and free from any bias.
  • We spend hours on a specific topic or any product before publishing any final thought.
  • Testimonials published on our website is one hundred percent authentic.
  • We present comparison & other topic-driven data (collected from authentic sources),
  • Publications of this website must go through an 8-step quality assurance process for better accuracy & user experience.
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  • Save Money
  • Tips & Tricks
Our Mission

Who we are?

We are a team of experienced tech enthusiasts having expertise in CNC and other computer-operated equipment. We research, test, and publish extensive buying guides on computer printers, 3D printers, and laser engravers.

  • Hands-on tests
  • Customers’ survey
  • Technical tests
  • Expert guide
  • Review products

How do we work?

At our blog, our work process is designed constructively to provide our readers with the most trendy & reliable information on laser engravers, 3D printers, and computer printers. The review we make starts with hands-on testing of the products and ends with the real users interview. Our team spends hours operating each laser machine and 3d printer, focusing on its design, ease of use, performance, and features.

We conduct interviews with real users of the laser machine and printers so that we can deliver others’ experiences to you. These interviews also help us to recheck the findings we receive from the thorough testing. Furthermore, these interviews give us insights into the long-term reliability of the product and how it performs in real-world situations. Not only that, we also engage with industry experts for their valuable opinions and advice on the machine we perform hands-on tests.

For any published content – we ensure that goes through an 8-step process so that the final information presented to you can be the best piece of information.

Overall, our intention throughout this process is to build a foundation of trust with our readers, ensuring that they can make logical & accurate decisions based on our robust testing and evaluation.

The Core People

Below is our expert team who brings amazing articles for you each week.

Ethan Robert

Ethan Robert


email: founder@digthisout.com

Asif Aman

Asif Aman


email: ceo@digthisout.com

Alina Heer

Alinaa Heer


email: editor@digthisout.com

How do we break-down the work?

I (Ethan) primarily work on the technical grounds of the particular machine or the problem. After a detailed report of any laser engraver or a laser engraving/3d printing topic, I send all of the groundwork to Mr. Asif Aman, who is a chartered accountant by profession but has a deep passion-driven skillset of managing an online community.

Mr. Asif Aman formulates the content idea and distributes the draft concepts to his team members. Any piece of article would take around 8-10 days to be a draft piece.

When everything is done, articles are sent to the Alina Heer’s team and she performs all the editorial and visual works.

Overall, we have an excellent team harmony that makes us a strong brand and a go-to expert for the 3d printer and laser enrgaver users.

Following is the expert team that reviews our publications before they go live:

  • John Olhoft – President at Lulzbot
  • Lalith Prematilleke – Principal Electric Engineer at Lensar Inc.
  • Nicky Lee – Head of International Business at Xiamen CAM SMT
  • Nathan Adrian – International IP Engineer

Besides, we have another panel of experts who assist us regularly. For example, any publications on laser engraving would reviewed by the laser engraving experts, and the same goes for 3d printers and regular printers.

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