Anycubic Vyper Vs Kobra Max | Which FDM 3D printer is Best?

We have done an in-depth comparison of Anycubic Vyper and Anycubic Kobra max. After assessing both 3d printers for 48 hours along with 13 surveys, we have finally come to the conclusion that helps to choose the best FDM 3d printer for you.

We have considered the build plate size, 3d print quality, bed & nozzle temperature, ability to level automatically, extruder type, and 8 other critical factors.

Before we get you into the head-to-head comparison between Anycubic Vyper & Kobra max, there are 3 other silent 3d printers that are even better than Anycubic Kobra.

If you are wondering about a 3d printer for making small objects, miniatures, or action figures, you can directly jump onto the top picks that we published earlier.

Anycubic Vyper Vs Kobra Max | Comparison Summary

As an enthusiast, I would definitely choose Kobra Max  ahead of Anycubic Vyper due to bigger build plate and other issues as mentioned below.

Before moving on to the head-to-head detailed comparison, let’s look at the comparison summary as follows:

  • Both 3d printers are under/around USD 500
  • Anycubic Kobra Max’s build plate is higher than the Vyper
  • Both 3d printers come with Bowden Extruder
  • Nozzle & bed temperature is the same for both
  • Both have touch screen control navigation
  • Apart from the build size difference, Kobra max’s glass build plate is better than Vyper’s metal build plate
  • Printing speed is better in Kobra Max than in the Vyper
  • Kobra Max’s size & weight is higher than Vyper

Here’s the comparison of technical specifications

Anycubic Vyper Anycubic Kobra max
Technology FDM FDM
Build Volume 245mm(L)×245(W)×260mm(H) 450x400x400mm(72.0L)
Resolution ±0.1mm ± 0.1 mm
Extruder Single Single
Nozzle 0.4 mm 0.4 mm
Printing Speed <8 CM/S <10 CM/S
Nozzle Temperature ≤260°C ≤260°C
Bed Temperature ≤110°C ≤90°C
Machine size 508mm×457mm×516mm 720mm×665mm×715mm
Machine Weight ~10kg ~16kg

Let’s move on to the detailed comparison.

Extruder Type

Both the Anycubic Vyper and Kobra Max FDM 3d printers use a Bowden extruder that is so fruitful in terms of fast printing. However, a Bowden extruder may not deliver better performance while printing with flexible materials and retractions.

Besides the advantage of printing speed and accuracy, Bowden extruders cannot offer the flexibility to use as many filaments as you need in comparison to the direct extruders. You cannot use abrasive filaments with both the Vyper and Kobra Max because of the Bowden extruders.

Moreover, Bowden extruders would require more powerful motors than the direct extrusion which contributes to making noises. That is why many users are complaining about the noise arising from the Kobra max but not always.

If you are aware of having a Noiseless 3D Printer, this guideline may help.

However, the good sign here is both the Vyper and Kobra Max are compatible with the exact same print profile that includes PLA, TPU, ABS, PETG, and Wood.

But, we strongly recommend you read about the differences in the print materials to avoid Toxic fumes & health loss.


Auto Levelling & Dual Z Axis Motors

Both the Vyper and Kobra max FDM 3d printers are compatible with auto leveling ability by mainly using their internal strain gauge. We have also experienced smoother auto bed leveling while testing the 3d printers in our lab.

Usually, both the Vyper and Kobra Max use a 16-point leveling mechanism to select the print bed. LeviQ is the brand name of their auto-leveling feature that has already surprised us with both of their printers for maximum leveling accuracy.

Moreover, the synchronization would even be more accurate upon having the dual z-axis lead screws.

Print Bed

One of the key differences between Kobra Max and Vyper is the size of the print bed. The build volume of the Kobra Max is 450x400x400mm while the Vyper offers 245mm(L)×245(W)×260mm. Undoubtedly the larger build plate offers more flexibility in working with dynamic & complex 3d prints.

Anycubic Vyper Vs Kobra Max Build Plate Comparison

Let’s compare the quality of the build plate. The Kobra Max comes with a carborundum glass build plate. Such build plates are very efficient in terms of better adhesion and flexibility to use. Also, glass build plates are so easy to clean with just only water. Removal of 3d prints is also easier here than the magnetic or steel build plate.

In comparison, Anycubic Vyper offers a magnetic bed made up of spring steel. Such build plates are also good for easy print removal and better adhesion with PLA filaments. However, you may experience warping if the bed is not at maximum temperature. The only disadvantage of a magnetic build plate is that it can easily be damaged. Notably, working with ABS is a bit tough since that sticks tightly on the build plate.

3d Print Quality

Anycubic Kobra Max has a slightly higher printing speed than the Vyper. Its printing speed is <10 CM/S while the Vyper comes with <8 CM/S. However, the nozzle size, extruder type, and nozzle temperature are almost the same in both 3d printers.

Here’s a print quality comparison of Vyper and Kobra Max

Anycubic Vyper Vs Kobra Max 3d Print Quality Comparison

As discussed earlier, there are no big differences between the build plate. We experienced that both the Kobra Max and Vyper are capable of making amazing print quality.

Trust Me, this 3d Printer’s print quality is 60% higher than these of Anycubic.

However, you should also look at a study that discusses How Hollowing & Complex design saves 3d print costs.

Here’s another 3d print quality examination of Anycubic Vyper at our lab. Check this out!

Anycubic Vyper 3d print quality

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We have experienced the Anycubic Vyper working great with their slicer Cura but some users were disappointed while adopting Cura with i3 mega. Our observation is that the Vyper performed well in feeding the filaments and releasing them through extruders.

Its 32-bit motherboard with Cortex M3 chip ensured a smoother 3d printing process with comparable higher speed.

Though the company demanded its stepper driver to be silent, we have seen that there are sounds of around 55 DB after running the machine for 3.5 hours.

However, the dual cooling fan really amazed us with its performance but it again it was a bit noisy!

Let’s have a look at how Kobra max performed in its 3d printing quality benchmarks:

Anycubic Kobra Max Print Quality

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Anycubic Photon can even create a better miniature version of this 3d print.

Apart from the amazing print quality and speed, we must have to appreciate the Kobra max for its accurate leveling. The printing experience was more smooth and more stable than the Vyper.

Printing speed was 30% faster than the Anycubid Vyper but significantly lesser than the Flashforge. Apart from that, the glass build plate works great in adhesion and there was no warping at all.

Let’s have a look at another printing experience done with Vyper

Anycubic Vyper 3d Print Demonstration

If you need to work with smaller 3d models mainly for personal and educational purposes, the Vyper is a smart solution. However, you should always appreciate Kobra max for its detailing and larger 3d prints.

Here’s another 3d print experiment with Anycubic Kobra Max

Anycubic Vyper Vs Kobra Max Print Quality

For the above 3d prints, we have experienced a printing speed of 180 mm per second with Kobra MAX. However, still this is not the fastest printer in the market.

We have also experienced that Kobra Max lacks minute offset control. By default, it offers a 0.5 mm offset but, 0.1 would have been more preferred.

Other features

There are other additional features that add extra value when buying an Anycubic Printers. Such are:

  • The Touchscreen user interface in both Vyper and Kobra Max ensures easy operation. Both of them come with 4.3 inches touch screen. We tested that they work great and do not lag at all.
  • Both the Kobra Max and Vyper have tool drawers to keep tools and other accessories safe and organized. Though, its a common feature of every 3d printers.
  • Print Recovery options work great in case of any disruption happens for both of them. However, you cannot recover if any disruption happened in the earlier layer or if there’s a filament mess that you did not notice.
  • The filament detection mechanism is also a default feature for both printers. This allows you to notify if there’s any need to change or add in filaments.

Final Thought

Anycubic is a renowned brand in the 3d printing arena. It offers both SLA and FDM printers with great performance. However, the market is competitive so everyone tries to add value each day.

From the Anycubic Kobra Max and Anycubic Vyper, most people will surely choose to buy the Kobra max for its glass build plate and larger volume.

However, there is always a better option for even Kobra Max, and that’s normal.

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