6 Best Cheaper Glowforge Alternative Laser cutters

If you are running a new business, then you must need the best laser engravers which are cheaper than Glowforge & obviously offer faster Payback to the business.

Glowforge has been the widely accepted premium laser cutter brand. Due to the high price, lack of offline control software and so many other issues – people are searching for Glowforge Alternative.

This article will compare the Glowforge laser cutters and other alternative laser engravers to help you make the decision quickly.

Our experts have worked on the products physically besides the surveys from laser enthusiasts.

Glowforge Laser Cutters Overview

The Glowforge line of laser cutting machines is designed for makers, entrepreneurs, and designers. It combines the power of a laser cutter with the ease of use of a 3D printer to make extraordinary things quickly and easily. With a wide range of materials and options, Glowforge offers a variety of laser-cutting machines to suit any budget.

The Glowforge Basic is an entrylevel machine, perfect for hobbyists and small businesses. It features a 16 x 20 cutting area and can cut and engrave materials up to 1/4 thick. The Basic also has a builtin air filter to keep the space safe and clean.

The Glowforge Plus is a step up from the Basic, with a larger cutting area of 20 x 28 and the ability to cut materials up to 1/2 thick. It has an upgraded air filter and a removable crumb tray, making cleaning easier.

The Glowforge Pro is the highest-end model, offering even more features and capabilities. It has a huge cutting area of 32 x 20 and can cut and engrave materials up to 1 thick. It also has an integrated HD camera and WiFi connectivity.

No matter your needs, a Glowforge machine is perfect for you. With its powerful laser cutting technology and easytouse software, Glowforge makes it easy to unleash your creativity and create amazing things.

Differences among Glowforge Basic, Plus & Pro

Glowforge Basic is an entrylevel machine, offering a 20 x 12 cutting area and an air filter for odor control. It can cut and engrave wood, leather, acrylic, cardstock, and fabric. It doesnt offer much power or speed, but it is perfect for hobbyists who dont need highend features.

Glowforge Plus offers a larger cutting area (24 x 18) and a more powerful laser than the Basic model. It also has a higher maximum speed and a dualfilter air filtration system. This model is best suited for crafters and makers who need more power and speed than the Basic model provides.

Glowforge Pro is the topoftheline model, with an even larger cutting area (32 x 20) and the most powerful laser available from Glowforge. It also comes with an advanced dualfilter air filtration system and a wide range of accessories. This model is perfect for professional makers and businesses who need the highest level of performance and reliability.

Positive sides of Glowforge laser cutters

Here is why people prefer to pay a higher price for the Glowforge laser cutters:

  • High precision: The Glowforge laser cutter & engraver is capable of cutting and engraving with a resolution of up to 0.001 inches. This makes it ideal for intricate projects that require precise cuts and engravings.
  • Versatility: You can use the Glowforge to cut and engrave a wide variety of materials, including wood, paper, leather, acrylic, fabric, glass, and more.
  • Easy to use: With a simple setup process and intuitive software, you can be up and running with your Glowforge in no time.
  • Compact size: The Glowforge is surprisingly small, making it easy to fit into any space.
  • Cost-effective: With its low cost and fast turnaround times, the Glowforge is an economical option for those looking to get into laser cutting and engraving.
  • Wider community: The list of Glowforge users is bigger than any other laser engravers. It helps to seek assistance from other users even with designs & technical issues which offset the lead time taken by the customer care officials.
  • Material Recognition: Glowforge laser engravers can recognize the material using QR code and adjust the machine settings accordingly which may not be available in other laser cutting machines. However, they won’t recognize if the material does not have any QR code

Negative Sides of Glowforge

These are the reasons why people opt for the Glowforge Alternative:

  • High Price: Glowforge charges almost 200% higher price than other laser cutting machines
  • Unavailability of offline control software: Glowforge users need to depend on their online software which means that the users need to be dependent on a stable internet connection as well as the company’s server. Technically, users cannot use the laser cutter if somehow the Glowforge website is hacked or out of service.

Reason to Look for Glowforge Alternative

Glowforge laser cutters have so many rivals because of their high price tag, limited materials compatibility, and the fact that they are only available in the US. Additionally, many other types of laser cutters on the market are more affordable and offer a wider range of material compatibility. Many other laser-cutting options provide more features and capabilities than Glowforge.

Reason for Glowforge Alternative

These are the reasons that motivate customers to find Glowforge alternatives:

Cloud Controlling Software

The controlling software Glowforge uses is cloudbased, meaning it relies on a connection to the internet to function. This can affect users who have a slow or unreliable internet connection, as the software may not work correctly or may be slow to respond.

Ideally, if Glowforge runs away someday then customers won’t be able to run the machine unless the server is back.

In comparison, offline software like Lightburn offers the benefit of not relying on an internet connection to operate. This makes the software more accessible to users who have a slow or unreliable internet connection. Additionally, Lightburn offers more features than Glowforge, including support for more materials, more control over settings, and more sophisticated designs.

Premium Price

Glowforge laser cutting machines are highly expensive. Even, they also charged for their software in the early times. Among the CO2 laser engravers, Glowforge charges $1200 to $2000 extra compared to other similar items.

Besides, cOnsumables such as air filters is the most expensive if you buy from Glowforge. For instance, an air filter would be $900 plus from Glowforge and the same thing from other local vendors would cost 40% less.

Glowforge materials are also expensive. Plywood and acrylic would cost 25% more if you buy from the Glowforge store. However, people still prefer buying materials from Glowforge store only because they are readable by Glowforge’s QR mechanism & are better quality.

Upgradability Issue

Another big challenge that Glowforge customers are experiencing is the non-availability of the Rotary extension whereas the rivals made so many upgrades available so that the customers can make necessary advancements. For instance, to engrave a tumbler you need rotary attachments and in this regard, Glowforge fails.

Moreover, Glowforge does not allow users to replace or upgrade honeycomb beds since the work beds are not detachable.

Glowforge is noisy

Here’s a summary that describes noise in decibels for four laser engravers:

Laser Cutter Noise in Decibel
Gweike Cloud Pro 60 to 75 DB
Glowforge Pro 80 to 95 DB
OMTech 65 to 80 DB
Ten High 75 to 85 DB

Glowforge produces much noise compared to OMTech and Gweike Cloud Pro. However, enclosures sometimes reduce the noise but depending on material types and air assist, noise keeps growing while working.

Best Glowforge Alternative Laser cutting machine

Here is a list that shows the best alternative laser cutters for the Glowforge. We will present a comprehensive comparison for each of the products defining the reasons of why they can be the right choice over Glowforge.

Glowforge Alternative

These are the best Cheaper Glowforge alternative laser cutters you can always go with.

  1. xTool P2 (Best Glowforge Alternative)
  2. Gweike Cloud Pro
  3. OMTech 50W (70% cheaper)
  4. Xtool D1 Pro (80% cheaper)
  5. Flux Beambox Pro
  6. Laserpecker 4

Gweike has been the most fantastic laser engraver of 2022, having the fastest engraving & cutting speed while compared to Glowforge. It costs almost 70 percent less than Glowforge Pro. It features a camera, QR recognition, a Pull out drawer, a pass-through, and many more. OMTech laser cutters are always in choice and are already established as the most prominent Glowforge competitors. OMTech not only neats Glowoforge with price but also its quality of cutting & engraving. For engraving lovers, Xtool and Laserpecker are two suitable choices since they are compact and price-worthy.

Key Decision-Making Factors

To identify the best Glowforge alternative, you need to go through the key comparison factors that help in prioritizing the decision. For example, if you prefer safety then the Xtool would not be a suitable option since its a DIY laser engraver, and Gweike would be on the upper side.

Similarly, if your primary concern is not faster engraving but the ability to make upgrades in the future then the Gweike cannot be the ideal choice as you cannot enlarge the engraving bed in the future. From this point, Xtool would be what you need since there will be an option to upgrade both laser power and the work area in the future.

The below table will identify the key decision-making criteria to get the best Glowforge alternative laser cutter.

Key Comparison Factor Glowforge Pro Gweike Polar xTool P2
Ability to Expand Engraving Area No No No Yes
Rotary Attachment No Yes (One) Yes (Two) Yes (One)
Water Chiller Included Excluded Included Included
Laser Head Upgrade Option No No No Yes
Motorized Pass Through No No No Yes
Curved Surface Engraving No No No Yes

In Our Opinion, By offering higher laser power, a larger work area, pass-through cutting, a rotary axis, and compatibility with LightBurn software, the xTool P2 provides users with enhanced versatility and flexibility in designing and cutting projects. Thus, choosing the xTool P2 over the Glowforge Pro is highly recommended. Furthermore, the Glowforge Pro’s lack of a rotary axis and motorized pass-through restricts users from engraving cylindrical objects and working on longer materials.

The Xtool D1 offers you the ability to enlarge the engraving area by ordering its extension Kit and all other laser engravers including the Gweike & Polar cannot offer you such flexibility. Similarly, no other laser engravers offer you the option to upgrade the laser head except Xtool as it offers a 40W laser head for tougher works.

Furthermore, The Polar offers you two separate rotary attachments for the complex cylindrical engraving whereas the others offer one rotary and some are not.

Overall, the choice of the best Glowforge alternative may vary depending on your need but, we strongly recommend both Gweike & Omtech Polar considering all other factors.

xTool P2 – The best Glowforge Altrnative

The xTool P2 is a 55W CO2 laser engraver that offers advanced features like air assist, water chiller, two 16 MP cameras, 0.001 precision, curved engraving ability, and a lot more safety features. Its powerful laser, larger work area, pass-through cutting, rotary axis, and software compatibility with LightBurn make it a versatile and flexible option for designing and cutting projects. With a comparatively lower price than the Glowforge Pro, the xTool P2 offers more features and better value for money.

xTool P2 55W CO2 Laser Cutter Review

Detailed review of xTool P2 & comparison is here.

How xTool P2 is the best Glowforge alternative

The xTool P2 can be considered the best Glowforge alternative due to its higher laser power, larger work area, motorized pass-through cutting, rotary axis, and compatibility with LightBurn software. These advanced features provide users with more flexibility and versatility when it comes to designing and cutting projects. The xTool P2 also comes at a comparatively lower price than the Glowforge Pro, making it a lucrative deal for users who want more features at a better value for money.

Pros of xTool P2

  • Higher laser power (55W CO2) than Glowforge Pro
  • Larger work area (26.7” × 14.1”) than Glowforge Pro
  • Motorized pass-through cutting enables users to work on longer materials
  • Rotary axis (RA2 Pro) for engraving cylindrical objects
  • Compatible with LightBurn software
  • Two 16-megapixel cameras for better focus and monitoring
  • Offers advanced safety features like fire solution integration ability
  • Curved engraving ability
  • Air assist and water chiller ensures better laser engraving
  • Maximum engraving speed is 600 mm/s and precision is 0.001, making engravings more accurate and vibrant

Cons of xTool P2

  • xTool is a comparatively new player in the CO2 laser industry, and glass tube replacement services are not yet declared
  • The slate bed offers too much gap between two slates, limiting smaller jewelry engravings
  • The exterior is made of plastic, but it looks great.
xTool P2 55W CO2 Laser Cutter Review

Check Official Price

xTool P2 vs Glowforge Pro

The xTool P2 and the Glowforge Pro are two popular CO2 laser engravers in the market. While they share some similarities, there are several key differences between the two that can influence a user’s purchasing decision.

Laser Power: The xTool P2 comes with a 55W CO2 laser tube, while the Glowforge Pro has a 45W laser tube. The higher laser power of the xTool P2 enables it to cut through thicker materials with greater precision and speed, making it suitable for large-scale industrial or commercial projects.

Work Area: The xTool P2 has a larger work area of 26.7” × 14.1” compared to the Glowforge Pro’s cutting area of 279mm deep / 495mm wide. The larger work area of the xTool P2 allows users to work on larger projects and accommodate bigger materials. The xTool P2’s larger work area also enables users to work on multiple projects simultaneously, increasing productivity.

Pass-Through Cutting: The xTool P2 allows for pass-through cutting and engraving with a motorized mechanism, which enables users to work on materials that are longer than the machine’s cutting area. The Glowforge Pro does not have this feature, and users can only work with materials that fit within the machine’s cutting area, which limits the size of projects they can work on.

Rotary Axis: The xTool P2 comes with a rotary axis (RA2 Pro) that enables users to engrave cylindrical objects such as glasses and bottles. The Glowforge Pro does not come with this feature, limiting users’ ability to engrave cylindrical objects.

Software Compatibility: The xTool P2 is compatible with both xTool Creative Space and LightBurn software, giving users more flexibility in their design and cutting process. The Glowforge Pro is dependent on its online software, limiting users to using only the Glowforge software and may not be compatible with other third-party software.

Cameras: The xTool P2 comes with two 16-megapixel cameras, providing better visibility and accuracy when aligning materials for cutting and engraving. The Glowforge Pro only has one wide-angle camera, which limits the user’s visibility when aligning materials for cutting and engraving.

In conclusion, while both xTool P2 and Glowforge Pro are high-quality CO2 laser engravers, the xTool P2 offers more advanced features such as a higher laser power, larger work area, motorized pass-through cutting, rotary axis, and software compatibility with LightBurn. These advanced features provide users with greater flexibility and versatility when it comes to designing and cutting projects, making xTool P2 a better choice for industrial or commercial use.

Gweike Cloud Pro Vs Glowforge Pro

Gweike Cloud Pro is 2022’s fastest laser engraver, offering a precession rate of up to 0.0001 inches and an engraving speed of 600 mm/second.

Gweike is a CO2 laser cutter that supports more than 400 materials like the Glowforge.It also features 3 axes linear guide rail for better maneuvering of the laser head. There is a 5-megapixel HD camera to oversee the laser engraving performance but the Glowforge had one extra camera for spot marking. On top of everything, Gweike Cloud Pro can be controlled through Lightburn, which was a significant limitation for Glowforge users.

Gweike Cloud Pro Key Takeaways

How can Gweike Cloud Pro be the Glowforge alternative?

Gweike Cloud Pro and Glowforge Pro offer similar features in laser cutting and engraving. However, Gweike Cloud Pro offers certain advantages that make it a better choice for small businesses.

First, Gweike Cloud Pro has more power than the Glowforge Pro. With up to 50W of power, Gweike Cloud Pro can cut through thicker materials and engrave deeper than Glowforge Pro (50W). Additionally, Gweike Cloud Pro has a wider working area of 24x16“, while Glowforge Pro only offers a working area of 20x12“.

Another advantage of Gweike Cloud Pro is its compatibility with a wider range of materials. It can work with wood, acrylic, leather, fabric, paper, and other materials. In contrast, Glowforge Pro is limited to cutting and engraving wood, acrylic, leather, and paper.

Additionally, Gweike supports lightburn, an offline control software compatibility that is unavailable for Glowforge users.

How Gweike Beats Glowforge

Also, Gweike Cloud Pro comes with a pullout drawer for dust removal, that is an extra advantage which is also unavailable on the Glowforge laser engravers. It also supports Pass-through and price is significantly lower than the Glowforge pro, which is a huge differentiating factor.

Finally, Gweike Cloud Pro has a faster cutting speed than Glowforge Pro. Gweike Cloud Pro can reach up to 500 mm/s, while Glowforge Pro maxes out at 300 mm/s.

Gweike Cloud Pro offers more power, a larger working area, more materials compatibility, and faster cutting speed than Glowforge Pro. (read more on Gweike Vs Glowforge here)

Side-by-side comparison

Factors Gweike Cloud Pro Glowforge Pro
Size 38.2″ x 22.2″ x 9.2″ 38″ x 20.75″ x 8.25″
Weight 25 kg (55 lbs) 42.6 kg (94 lbs)
Work Bed 20.08” by 11.8” 19.5” by 11”
Camera one (in-built) Two (one for focus)
Z Axis 20 inches 0.5 to 2 inches
Rotary Available Not Available
Work Bed Removable Honeycomb Fixed
Laser Power glass tube 50W CO2 lasers glass tube 45W CO2 lasers
Speed 600 mm/s 330 mm/s
Support Lightburn Yes No
Precision 0.001 inch 0.002 inch
Hand Made Drawing Detection Yes Yes
Read Material QR Code Yes Yes
Price Gweike Store Glowforge Store

Gweike is also supported as the best Glowforge alternative by the Laser Experts.

OMTech 50W vs Glowforge Pro

The OMTech 50W CO2 laser cutting machine is a powerful and advanced tool for precise and detailed cutting. It can also be the Best Glowforge alternative considering the following factors.

This laser cutter is designed to handle a wide range of materials, such as wood, acrylic, plastic, leather, fabric, paper, rubber, glass, and more. It has a highquality 50W CO2 laser tube that provides a superior cutting experience with outstanding accuracy and speed.

The machine features an integrated stepper motor and advanced control board to ensure smooth operation, while the intuitive touch panel allows for easy setup and controls. The OMTech 50W CO2 laser cutting machine also comes with various accessories, including a honeycomb worktable, air pump, exhaust fan, chiller, and more, perfect for any workshop or fabrication environment.

OMTech 50W Glowforge Alternative

Here's the Lowest Price from OMTech Official Store

How is OMTech better than Glowforge?

Here’s how OMTech becomes the suitable Glowforge Alternative:

  • OMTech offers higher resolution than Glowforge pro. It gives a resolution of 2540 dpi whereas the Glowforge Pro comes with a 1000 DPI resolution
  • The engraving area is similar for both, with dimensions of 11.5 by 19.5 inches. However, The Glowforge pro allows 2 inches of maximum material height, whereas the OMTech accepts up to 8 inches.
  • Additionally, OMTech offers 1 year additional warranty over what Glowforge offers.
  • The engraving speed of OMTech 50W laser is up to 19.685 inches per second, whereas the Glowforge pro achieves up to 9.8 inches per second.
  • Furthermore, OMTech cuts at 15 inches per second and the Glowforge pro’s cutting speed is up to 0.4 inches per second.
  • The big part is that the OMTech supports Lightburn and Glowforge does not.
  • The laser cutter also has a rotary axis, which is still missing in the Glowforge Pro’s basic package.
  • From the price point, OMTech is available at 60% of Glowforge pro’s price which motivates the customers highly.

OMTech 50W CO2 lasers are preferred for cutting and engraving thicker materials such as wood, acrylic, leather and rubber. They can cut up to 1/4 inch thick materials and are capable of higher accuracy than Glowforge lasers. They also have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance than Glowforge. Additionally, they offer more options for customization, such as adjustable power settings, a variety of lenses, and air assist capabilities. These features make OMTech 50W CO2 lasers ideal for more demanding applications.

Side-by-side comparison

OMTech 50W Glowforge Pro
Engraving Area 29.21 CM by 49.53 CM 29.21 CM by 49.53 CM
Maximum Material Height 8 Inches 2 Inches
Engraving Speed 19 Inches/s 10 inches /s
Cutting Speed up to 15 inches/s up to 0.4 inches/s
Supports Lightburn Yes No
Supports other offline software Yes No
Rotary Axis Yes No
Pass Through No Yes
Price Check Amazon Around $5,500

Where is OMTech behind Glowforge?

  • Glowforge’s brand value & resale value is higher than OMTech
  • From the context of the build type and overall appearance, Glowforge will be on the upper side
  • Glowforge’s average lifespan is slightly higher than the OMTech

2023 Update: Omtech brought a Glowforge Competitor

OMtech brought a new laser engraver named Polar, which is ultimately a Glowforge Challenger. The Polar is available at nearly $3000 which features a 50 W CO2 laser along with both air assist and water chiller.

The Precision of OMTech polar is as low as 0.001 inches along with an engraving speed of 500 mm/s.

OMTech Polar Laser Engraver Key Takeaways

Overall, The OMTech Polar is a great fully enclosed laser engraving machine and surely it will be another Glowforge Killer. From the Price Point, It comes at almost half of what Glowforge is asking for the Pro models. Even, though the Glowforge may stay a bit ahead of Polar, the return on investment would surely be as fast as what Gweike is offering.

Factors OMTech Polar Glowforge Pro
Size 38.2″ x 22.3″ x 9.2″ 38″ x 20.75″ x 8.25″
Weight 104 lbs 42.6 kg (94 lbs)
Work Bed 20.1” by 11.8” 19.5” by 11”
Camera 5 Mp (Auto Focus Two (one for focus)
Z Axis 20 inches 0.5 to 2 inches
Rotary Two Rotary Available at base price Not Available
Work Bed Removable Honeycomb Fixed
Laser Power glass tube 50W CO2 lasers glass tube 45W CO2 lasers
Speed 500 mm/s 330 mm/s
Support Lightburn Yes No
Precision 0.001 inch 0.002 inch
Hand Made Drawing Detection Yes Yes
Read Material QR Code Yes Yes
Price Check Official Price More than $6000

The said service life of roughly ten thousand hours may vary but, the deviation should not be more than 5% we believe. OMTech polar’s engraving speed is ultra-fast, the noise stays below 65 DB, the camera focus was absolutely okay and even the laser head stays cool with the help of air assist & water chiller.

We must conclude that OMTech has just brought another best-selling laser engraver which is going to shake the budget-friendly laser engravers’ market.

Here’s how the Polar beats Glowforge

  • OMTech Polar’s price is almost one-third of Glowforge
  • The Polar is faster than the Glowforge with having 500 mm/s engraving speed
  • Polar also features the same in-built camera as the Glowforge with exactly the same benefits of hand-made drawing detection.
  • OMTech’s Polar comes with a water chiller which is a missing point of Glowforge
  • The Polar’s service life is 10 thousand hours which easily beats the Glowforge’s laser engravers
  • The Polar features a removable honeycomb bed whereas the Glowforge does not offer bed portability
  • The Polar comes with two rotary attachments that help it to stay ahead of Glowforge

Explore more on Omtech Polar Vs Glowforge here.

Xtool D1 Pro Vs Glowforge

Xtool D1 Pro is  DIY laser cutter & engraver (without enclosure) but acts as one of the major Glowforge alternatives.

The Xtool D1 Pro and the Glowforge Pro are powerful laser engraving machines with excellent accuracy and precision. However, the Xtool D1 Pro has a larger engraving area and higher accuracy rate and is compatible with thirdparty software. Furthermore, it is also more affordable than the Glowforge Pro.

Xtool D1 Pro Key Highlight

Price in Xtool Official Store

Compare price with Glowforge

How Xtool D1 Pro become the Glowforge alternative?

The Xtool D1 Pro and Glowforge Pro are advanced laser engraving machines that offer precision and reliability. Both machines have a wide range of materials they can work with, ranging from wood and metal to plastic and leather. The Xtool D1 Pro has a maximum engraving area of 20 x 28, while the Glowforge Pro has a maximum area of 19.5 x 11.5.

The Xtool D1 Pro has a higher accuracy rate of 0.001 than the Glowforge Pro‘s 0.002. Regarding software, the Xtool D1 Pro has an integrated controller that allows users to customize their projects via a graphical user interface. The Glowforge Pro, on the other hand, uses its own proprietary software to control the machine. Additionally, the Xtool D1 Pro is compatible with various thirdparty software programs.

Prom the price point, Xtool D1 pro comes within $1500, around 30% of what Glowforge asks for its Pro model.

Additionally, the Xtool D1 pro can cut wood up to 1.2 inches thick, while Glowforge basic model can only cut wood up to 0.5 inches thick. This makes Xtool D1 pro better suited to larger projects that require thicker materials.

Another amazing thing

Xtool D1 pro is the only laser engraver under $2000 that makes color engravings through oxidization.

More on Glowforge Vs Xtool is here.

Where is Xtool D1 Pro behind Glowforge?

  • Xtool does not come with an enclosure, but the Glowforge cutters do
  • Glowforge is designed with more safety concerns, whereas the Xtool is more of a DIY laser cutter
  • Xtool does not have a camera to monitor, but the Glowforge has
  • There are no air assist in Xtool like the Glowforge which helps in better laser cutting

Flux Beambox Vs Glowforge

Flux Beambox laser cutter is a powerful, easytouse desktop laser cutter that allows users to quickly and accurately cut and engrave various materials. It is becoming a popular laser cutter over the Glowforge.

It has a 40W CO2 laser, an intuitive user interface, and a wide range of compatibility with materials. With its powerful, precise laser, users can create intricate designs with detailed accuracy and smooth edges. The Beambox also features a large 24 x 12 work area, making it capable of handling large projects, as well as small ones.

Additionally, the Beambox‘s advanced features make it easy for users to customize their projects, such as creating multiple designs in one go or cutting out complex shapes. Lastly, the Beambox has a builtin air compressor, making it easy for users to safely and effectively cut materials without purchasing additional equipment.

Flux Beambox as Glowforge Alternative

Compare price with Glowforge

How is Flux Beambox better than Glowforge?

  • Beambox is cheaper than Glowforge
  • Though the engraving area of FLux Beambox is slightly lower than the Glowforge the Beambox’s material height is bigger than what Glowforge offers
  • The laser power is precisely the same as Glowforge, 40W CO2.
  • It does contain a preview camera like the Glowforge and performs excellently.
  • There is a rotary upgrade available for Flux Beambox.
  • It has an enclosure, and no extra time is required for assembly.

Where is Glowofrge Ahead of Flux Beambox?

  • Camera autofocus is better in Glowforge
  • Flux Lacks material recognition like the Glowforge.
  • Glowforge comes with air assist
  • A customer community is bigger in Glowforge that allows other customers to take help from each other.

Laserpecker 4 Vs Glowforge

Laserpecker 4 is a portable laser engraver that is lightweight and easy to use. It features a powerful 500mW laser, a large working area of 11.8 x 8.3 inches, and a resolution of up to 1000 DPI. It can be engraved on various materials such as wood, leather, acrylic, and more. The included software allows users to create their designs or upload images for engraving.

Laserpecker 4

This Laserpecker 4 engraver offers an affordable alternative to the Glowforge laser engravers. The Laserpecker is also easier to transport due to its lightweight and smaller size.

It also includes a safety feature that will turn off the laser automatically when the lid is opened. This makes it safer for users, especially younger ones. With its simple user interface and powerful laser, the Laserpecker 4 is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable laser engraver.

How Laserpecker is ahead of Glowforge?

  • Allows faster engraving
  • The rotary axis rotates according to engraving materials
  • Allows precision of up to 0.003 mm
  • Laserpecker 4 can print a photo at even 4K HD resolution, whereas the Glowforge laser engravers offer only 1000 DPI resolution.
  • Glowforge comes with an enclosure which means that the engraving size is limited, but the laserpecker can engrave at your freedom.
  • Laserpecker 4 has an additional 2W fiber laser that allows it to engrave on sensitive material like chocolate, fruits, and food. Glowforge cannot perform like this since its a CO2 laser.

Check Latest Laserpecker prices from the Official Laserpecker Store.

LaserPecker 4 Laserpecker 3 Glowforge Pro
Laser 2W IR Laser + 10W Blue Laser 5W diode laser 45W CO2 Laser
Engraving size 100*100mm with side extension 90x80mm 38″ x 20.75″ x 8.25″
Engraving Speed 2000 mm/s 600 mm/s 330 mm/s
Rotary Available (360 degree Rotating) Available Not AVailable
Precision 0.003 mm 0.01 mm 0.002 inch
Resolution HD 4K 1K 1000 DPI

Where Laserpecker Lacks?

Laserpecker is a diode laser, whereas the Glowforge features 40W co2 laser which means that you can cut tougher material. Laserpecker is more suitable for engraving, but the Glowforge is good for both engraving & cutting.

What are the common problems people face while using CO2 lasers?

Low Power Output: One of the most common problems people face when using a CO2 laser cutter is low power output. A variety of factors, including incorrect settings, insufficient air supply, or a weak laser tube can cause this. Low power output can lead to poor cutting quality or even failure to cut through materials.

Poor Focus: A CO2 laser cutter requires precise focusing in order to produce highquality cuts. If the focus is off, the laser will not be able to cut through the material properly. An incorrect setup or a faulty lens can cause poor focusing.

Poor Alignment: The alignment of the laser head needs to be precise in order for the laser to cut accurately. If the alignment is off, the laser may not be able to cut through the material properly or may produce an uneven cut. Incorrect setup, worn parts, or a faulty laser head can cause poor alignment.

Excessive Heat: CO2 laser cutters typically generate a lot of heat during operation, which can cause the material to warp or melt. This can be caused by incorrect settings, a poorly ventilated workspace, or a faulty cooling system.

More on common problems is here.

What should the small business owners see before buying?

When considering purchasing a laser engraver, small business owners should carefully evaluate a variety of factors to ensure that they select the right machine for their specific needs. Some of the most important considerations to keep in mind include the following:

  • Laser Power: The power of the laser will determine how quickly and effectively the machine can engrave a variety of materials. Typically, the higher the power, the more versatile the machine will be.
  • Bed Size: The size of the bed, or the area on which the material is placed, will determine the maximum size of the object that can be engraved. Small business owners should consider their specific needs and the size of the objects they plan to engrave before selecting a machine.
  • Software: The software that accompanies the laser engraver is an important consideration, as it will determine how easy the machine is to use and how versatile it is in terms of design and customization.
  • Precision: The precision of the machine will determine the level of detail that can be achieved in the engraving process. Small business owners should look for a machine with high precision to ensure that their products look professional and of high quality.
  • Durability: Small business owners should invest in a machine that is durable and built to last, as this will ensure that the machine can be used for years to come without needing repairs or replacement.
  • Price: Small business owners should also consider the price of the laser engraver and ensure that it fits within their budget. They should look for machines that offer good value for money and that can provide a good return on investment over time.

By carefully evaluating these factors, small business owners can select a laser engraver that meets their specific needs and that can help them grow their business over time. It’s also a good idea to consult with experts in the field or other small business owners who have experience with laser engravers before making a final decision.

What is the other preparation for starting a laser engraving business?

As a small laser engraver business owner, there are several preparations you need to make before starting your business. These preparations will help you lay a solid foundation for your business and ensure that you are well-positioned to compete in the market. Below are some of the key preparations you need to make:

  1. Develop a business plan: A business plan is a roadmap that outlines your business goals, target market, marketing strategies, financial projections, and other critical information about your business. This plan will help you focus on the key elements of your business and keep you on track as you work towards your goals.
  2. Research your market: Before starting your business, it is important to research your market to understand your potential customers, competition, and industry trends. This will help you develop effective marketing strategies and make informed decisions about your business.
  3. Choose a suitable location: When choosing a location for your business, consider factors such as accessibility, foot traffic, competition, and zoning laws. You may want to consider setting up your business in an area with high foot traffic, such as a shopping mall or a busy street.
  4. Acquire necessary equipment and supplies: You will need to purchase a laser engraver machine, computer, software, and other supplies such as laser engraving materials, protective gear, and cleaning equipment. It is essential to choose high-quality equipment and supplies to ensure that you provide your customers with high-quality products and services.
  5. Obtain necessary licenses and permits: Depending on your location, you may need to obtain licenses and permits to operate your business. These may include a business license, tax ID number, and zoning permit. Be sure to research the requirements in your area and obtain the necessary licenses and permits before starting your business.
  6. Develop a marketing plan: To attract customers to your business, you will need to develop a marketing plan. This may include strategies such as social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and local advertising. Be sure to target your marketing efforts towards your ideal customers and track your results to determine which strategies are most effective.

Overall, the key to success as a small laser engraver business owner is to be well-prepared and focused. By taking the time to develop a solid business plan, research your market, choose a suitable location, acquire the necessary equipment and supplies, obtain necessary licenses and permits, and develop a marketing plan, you can set your business up for success and stand out in the competitive market.


Let’s Conclude

Glowforge is really an expensive laser cutter. It would be the most favorable decision if you can afford it. However, not everyone can buy a costly machine or look for alternatives so he gets more.

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