How do we write content?

When it comes to generating content, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Yet, we at, believe that the best inspiration stems from personal experiences—and we speak from first-hand encounters working with laser engravers, 3D printers, and computer printers. Here’s how we transform our real-world insights into engaging blog posts for our readers.

Content Ideas from Real Life

Everything we write is drawn from the rich tapestry of experiences we’ve gathered while handling cutting-edge printing technology. Whether we’re exploring the intricate possibilities of laser engraving or assessing the newest advancements in 3D printing, our content creation starts with these authentic stories.

Usage of AI in our contents

In a world ever so quickly advancing with the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI), one might wonder about its involvement in content creation. Let us set the record straight: our blog is grounded in pure authenticity supplied by our time, effort, and personal touch.

We do not rely on AI tools, such as CHATGPT, to generate our articles. Our writings are human-driven — inspired by genuine interactions and authentic experiences we’ve earned through work with laser engravers, 3D printers, and computer printers.

Nonetheless, AI does hold a place in our creative process, albeit a supportive one. We utilize artificial intelligence through platforms such as Grammarly to polish our grammar, ensuring that our message is clear and our prose is impeccable. For instance, when we’re looking to distill information, Wiseone serves us well — it helps in quickly summarizing web search results for a topic, providing us with a springboard of information and a consolidated perspective.

At times, Grammarly lends us its aid to streamline our sentences or to adapt our writing voice: Now and then, brevity is key, and at other times, a tone tweak can better convey our message. However, it’s crucial to underscore that these tools are mere facilitators in refining our original content. They are not the creators.

Our fidelity lies in clarifying that no section of our valued content library is authored / generated by CHATGPT or similar AI content generators.

What you read is unequivocally crafted by us, carrying the mark of our hard-earned expertise and shaped by our hands — the hands of dedicated writers sharing what we love. By doing this, we ensure what pours from our fingertips onto your screen is trustworthy, high-quality, and inherently human.

Our Content Checklist

Before our fingers touch the keyboard, we formulate a checklist based on the content we want to create. This checklist serves as a roadmap to direct our research and make sure we cover every important facet of the topic.

In-Depth Research

Our dedication to providing valuable content means extensive research is key. We scavenge information using a four-pronged approach:

1. Web Exploration: The internet is our treasure trove for the latest trends, tips, and tech breakthroughs.

2. Physical Inquiry: We dive straight into hands-on tests with our machines, constantly staying refined in our practical knowledge.

3. Interviews: Conversations with industry experts give us deep insights that reading alone can’t provide.

4. Surveys: Customer opinions matter, and we actively seek out what you think to ensure our content resonates.

Engaging Through Examples

We draw from our rigorous trials and tests not only to share what we know but to guide you to make informed decisions. When it isn’t something we’ve handled personally, trust that we turn to a network of other knowledgeable experts and documented customer experiences for information.

Commitment to Quality

Above all, the caliber of our articles takes precedence. Thanks YouTube ensures each piece flows well, is digestible by a wide audience, and strikes the perfect mixture of thorough expertise and human touch.

Writing with Trust

Authenticity is key—you know it, and so do our readers. Each article is composed with a personal tone that conveys our own journey and discoveries. It adds a layer of trust and reliability you won’t find just anywhere.

Adding Value to You, Our Reader

Every word penned aims to clarify, not confuse You, Our Reader every word penned aims to clarify, not confuse.

Our commitment remains to offer you insights that you can not only rely on but also apply to your own projects and purchases. Writing content gets simplified when we adhere to this principle—we aim to enlighten and educate, never to obfuscate.


Generating content is not just about stringing words together. It’s about sharing pieces of our lives that spark ideas and foster innovation. At Digthisout, our focus on real-life experiences with laser engravers, 3D printers, and computer printers ensures our content is born from authentic practice and delivered with genuine care.

As we continue to explore, test, and engage with these technologies, we invite you to join in on our journey, where every article is more than just information—it’s a true slice of our passion. is committed to translating our daily experiences into content that empowers and excites. Trustworthy, understandable, and valuable—that’s the writing promise we find joy in fulfilling for each of our readers.