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resin engraving done by the xTool F1

We have a team of 9 laser-cutting experts who regularly deliver valuable insights into laser engravers. In a nutshell, we help you with:

  • Solving laser engraving problems
  • Assisting with technical information of laser cutting & engraving
  • Comparing laser machines more broadly
  • Sharing our hands-on experiences
  • Writing a comprehensive buying guide

Let us give you an example of how we helped someone:

One of our readers decided to buy a diode laser. He reached out for expert help in choosing a laser cutter for him. We observed that he wants a laser machine that can even work on stainless steel. The person was confused because he did not have any idea of metal engraving earlier. After taking our assistance, he then switched his mind to buying a diode + infrared laser machine.

What was the consequence?

He incurred slightly more amount of money but the one-time investment gave him an additional business of $4000 per month and he decided to sell engraved tumblers from his home. He usually charges $30 extra for engraving a stainless steel tumbler now!

That was one of the stories.

We have many more success stories that help us to believe that we have the core competencies of evaluating laser engraving machines.

We Helped 350+ Laser Beginners

We all think that choosing a laser engraver would require specialized knowledge and skills.

In response to your confusion, we first tried to work for beginners who want to work with laser engraving but are not sure about the first laser machine.

From the 9+ criteria and 30+ real laser engraving problem solution aspect, we made an ultimate list for beginners who wish to work with laser crafting.

For beginners, we focused on ease of operation, avoiding recurring costs, and one-click-go laser machines that solve the problem.

Top Handy Engravers

We made a list of the top portable laser engravers that make metal laser engraving easy with portable laser machines.

stainless steel laser marking experiment using an xTool F1

We sat with the laser industry experts, talked to real customers, tested the machines, and formulated tons of users’ data to decide what could be the best option for you to start.

We ended up that no laser engraver would be best for all purposes.

If you search our blog, there will be more than 90 specially tailored problem-solving articles that guide you to get rid of your query.

Metal Engraving Guide

We help you to prepare well for your next metal engraving. With our assistance, you can perform metal annealing with the best accuracy. There are plenty of secret tips and guides waiting for you.

Laser Engraving on metal

Tumbler Engraving Guide

With our straightforward guides and tips, tumbler and rambler engraving would be easy. We have made a checklist by which you can start engraving your cups and mugs within just 5 minutes.

Laser Engraving on metal

Leather Engraving Guide

With our leather engraving secrets, you will be able to crack down the leather laser engraving secrets. We will assist you with different leather types, suitable settings for engraving leather, and the best workspace settings for engraving leather.

Laser Engraving on metal

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials can be used for laser engraving and cutting?

Laser engraving and cutting are versatile and can work on materials like wood, acrylic, fabric, glass, leather, metal, and more.

Is laser cutting safe?

Yes, it is safe if you properly follow and maintain the safety practices. It’s better if you can use a Class-1 certified laser and fire system integrable machine.

How precise are laser engravers?

Precision depends on the type & functionality of the laser. For example, a CO2 laser with autofocus will engrave at 0.01 mm precision and an infrared laser would offer 0.008.

How much do laser engravers and cutters cost?

The cost of a laser machine ranges from $400 to $5000. It even costs more if you need it for industrial purposes. Besides, laser technology, power, and capacity affect the price.

Can a laser engraver engrave metal?

CO2 and diode lasers can engrave coated laser whereas an infrared and fiber laser engraves bare steel due to their power compatibility.

How to maintain a laser engraver?

Maintaining a laser engraver is easy. You just need to keep it clean, lubricate moving parts and calibrate each time you work.