Lumitool F20, The 1st Midjourney-supported laser engraver

Lumitool F20 is a 20W fiber laser (dual infrared) engraver currently at Kickstarter for fundraising. This laser machine supports Midjourney (an AI-based text-to-image generator) which instantly engraves any material. Initially, the price is set to be $1599 which may rise after the Kickstarter campaign ends.

Are you ready for a paradigm shift in laser engraving and cutting? Enter the LumiTool F20 – a game-changer in the fabrication realm that’s set to turn heads and invite oohs and aahs from craftsmen and creatives alike.

Housed in a Kickstarter campaign with an accessible price tag of $1,599, this isn’t just another tool; it’s your ticket to ushering your artistic vision rapidly and precisely onto a variety of materials.

Lumitool F20

Quick Summary

LumiTool F20 at Glance:

– 20W fiber laser (dual infrared)

– Kickstarter price: $1599 (may increase post-campaign)

– Features Midjourney AI for instant material engraving

Unique Features:

– 1064 nm industrial fiber laser capable

– Engraving speeds up to 7,000mm/s

– Can engrave 1.5mm in metal, 3mm in stone

– Outperforms xTool F1 with faster speed

– Promises 100,000 hours lifetime

– Boasts 8K resolution and 0.001mm precision

Technology & Software:

– AI-Powered app compatible with iOS & Android

– LaserDrive Beam Control for swift engraving

– Wireless design enables remote operation

– Midjourney-supported engraving translates text to image

Performance Enhanced Over Competitors:

– Ten times longer operating life compared to rivals like Laserpecker and Atomstack

– Advanced texture engraving capabilities unmatched by peers

Design Aspects:

– Made for precision and mass-order production

– Compact form considering industrial laser capabilities

Connectivity & Ease of Use:

– User-friendly app sways between design edits and engraving tasks

– Seamless transfer from personal devices to engraver

Engraving Capabilities Zoomed:

– Allows deep etching; creates dimensional and textured artwork

– Boasts industrial power in a benchtop, portable form

Kickstarter Campaign Perception:

– Provides a launchpad for creative visions

– Backer is essentially placing a bet on a potential

Risk Factor for Backers:

– Backing projects is risky; about 9% fail to deliver

– Personal accountability and no refund system once funds are handed over

What Makes LumiTool F20 Stand Out?

The strongest side of this engraving sorcerer is its 1064 nanometer industrial fiber laser. This isn’t your standard laser; it dives deeper into materials, racing at speeds of up to 7,000mm/s – that’s not just fast, it’s glowing comet fast! Plus, the engraving depth ranges from a detailed 1.5mm in metals to an ever-deep 3mm in the stout stonework. Curious craftsmanship alchemists will marvel at the unit’s optimized wavelength aimed directly at powering through metal surfaces like a hot knife through butter.

This engraver is expected to beat the prominent xTool F1 that came with 4000 mm/s engraving speed.

Beyond Your Regular Engraver

This is more than just a trailblazing movement in mass-order production – it’s a pledge in precision. The technology guarantees lifetimes worth of durability with an impressive 100,000-hour lifespan and simplifies the engraving life with its slick design for minimum part wear-and-tear. When talking about intricate and complex designs, this tool acknowledges no limits. Boasting an incredible 8K resolution and a precise 0.001mm accuracy, detailed work is not just easier but crisper, cleaner, and outright superior. (In comparison, xTool F1 and the Laserpecker 4 had an accuracy of 0.02 mm).

Notably, we saw approximately 10,000 operating hours in Laserpecker and Atomstack lasers which are now boosted by 10 times in Lumitool. That is awesome.

User-Oriented and Imaginative Software

Picture this: freedom to convert your digital doodles into tangible masterpieces with an AI-Powered app designed to intensify your expressions. A LumiTool F20 walking hand-in-hand with your iOS or Android via the LaserDrive Beam Control technology, wood grain patterns unveil themselves as finely as nature intended, and metallic prints carry a custom-tailored depth sourced from your deepest creativity.

Is connectivity an artistic cornerstone?

Absolutely! Engrave away from the comfort of your home office or the buzz of a lively café, thanks to a reliable back-and-forth dialogue between the dedicated app and your LumiTool. Wave goodbye to endless cable-management hassles and enjoy a seamless wireless experience.

More importantly, Lumitool features Midjourney-supported laser engraving that enables the user to engrave pictures generated by the text input.

However, such AI-based image processing was earlier introduced in xTool Creative space but that was limited to image processing only.

Cutting-Edge Precision Meets Industrial Power

Welcome to a new era where industrial prowess meets the desktop artisan. The LumiTool F20 is a compact beast, or perhaps more fittingly, a benchtop titan. Redefining what’s possible in the realm of laser engraving, this ingenious device brings the formidable 1064nm fiber laser—usually the pride of large-scale industrial machines—right onto your workbench. With the ability to blast through tasks at a meteor-like 7,000mm per second, the LumiTool F20 is like holding a piece of the future in your hands.

We know the devil is in the details, and these details change everything. Engraving with exceptional depth—up to 1.5mm for metals and 3mm for stone or ceramics—the LumiTool F20 doesn’t just mark materials, it transforms them. The surfaces you once knew take on new dimensions and potential, providing texture and nuance to your finest designs.

State-of-the-Art Technology Bridging Art and Device

Gone are the days where blasting music, steeping tea, and transferring files had to be separate events. The LumiTool F20 sings in harmony with your personal devices, working effortlessly with an AI-powered artistic software suite. Design, adjust, tweak, and perfect: The Smart App leaves no stone unturned in your creative quest. Accommodating both iOS and Android users, it’s like having an expert engraving assistant on-call, ready to cater to your every whim.

The kind of connectivity offered by LumiTool F20 stands at the junction where convenience meets flexibility. Never be tethered to a single location or hassled by the tangling web of wires. You’re free to work as dynamically as you live—whether cozied up in a café or basking in the solitude of your studio, the LumiTool F20 crafts perfection at your fingertips.

A Tool of Today for the Maker of Tomorrow

This leap forward in engraving technology is poised to shake up not just how we generate art but how we conceive it. With advanced capabilities tournament-grade chess masters could envy, this machine strategically outmaneuvers its predecessors, welcoming you to think faster, create bolder, and live louder.

As industrious creators, techno-enthusiasts, and enterprising minds converge on this innovative tool, the LumiTool F20 stands

Is Lumitool a fiber laser?

Technically no!

Lumitool features a dual infrared laser which works as a fiber laser alternative. Tru fiber lasers can not be in portable versions which is why people often call such dual infrared lasers a fiber laser.

Earlier we saw that the Atomstack M20 has been referred to as a fiber laser whereas that was an infrared laser in real.

However, that is not a crime indeed!

A fiber laser is known for metal engraving that actually can be done with infrared lasers’ 1064 nm wavelength laser.

However, industrial fiber lasers can perform laser welding and rust removal which are impossible with this Lumitool laser.

Lumitool F20 Overview

Is Lumitool F20 a good deal?

If you wonder about engraving metal, a fiber laser has no alternative except an infrared laser.

Straight to the point – if metal engraving is your only priority, The F20 is worth a try otherwise you may try having the dual lasers combining both diode and infrared laser.

Dual lasers will help you to engrave any material starting from wood, and acrylic to gold jewelry.

Lumitool is undoubtedly a game changer, especially in the portable metal laser engraving era.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a popular funding platform for creative projects. In simple terms, it’s a place where inventors, artists, and creators can present their project ideas to the public, and anyone who likes the idea can pledge money to support it. Consider Kickstarter a launching pad for new ideas, empowering people to bring their dreams to life with the financial support of backers.

The Early Bird Catches…Some Risks

As straight as an arrow, let’s get to the point: being a Kickstarter backer comes with risks. When you back a project, you’re supporting a dream that isn’t yet a reality. There’s always the chance that the finished product could differ from what was promised or, in some cases, may never come to fruition.

From my personal experience, backing a project on Kickstarter feels a bit like joining a team. You’re banking on the project creators to score a big win, meaning the successful completion and delivery of the project. For example, I once backed a high-tech backpack. The campaign showed sleek images and promised tons of features. Months rolled by with numerous updates, and in the end, the creators delivered a backpack that hit most of the marks but had a few hiccups with material quality.

Now, on paper, statistics highlight the lessons many have learned the hard way. According to Kickstarter’s own numbers, about 9% of Kickstarter projects fail to deliver rewards — and the backers’ pledges end up as sunk costs.

It’s Like Betting on a Dark Horse

Backing a Kickstarter project is like placing a bet, but instead of laying down money at the casino, you’re funding someone’s potential. Sure, you may not receive exactly what you expected, or, in rare cases, anything at all. Yet, knowing that possibility upfront allows you to weigh the thrill of helping bring something new against the risk of disappointment.

Examples abound of Kickstarter successes that became household names. Take the Pebble Smartwatch, which exploded as one of the early trailblazers in wearable tech, leaving a mark despite the eventual powerhouse competition from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

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