MakerBot CloudPrint 2.0 Review | A New Update for Smoother 3D Print Workflow 2022

Makerbot has released a major update (Makerbot CloudPrint 2.0) yesterday (19 July 2022) to its 3d printing workflow solution. The cloud print 2.0 now includes a faster interface that delivers a more efficient and smoother 3d printing experience to its customers.

So far, Makerbot 2.0 is the fastest interface that intends to deliver upgraded features starting from designing with CAD to 3d printing at a faster pace.

Background of Makerbot CloudPrint

First of all, The CloudPrint delivers security and encryptions at users’ end at max, so that no unauthorized access can interrupt the 3d printing workflow. The solution offers the ability to set permissions and limitations to users based on their needs. The easy-to-use dashboard gives the ultimate value to make sure of proper use. Besides, the dynamic reporting pattern ensures efficiency by preparing a glimpse of the activity and the status of each job. The system notifies each user about their job status as well as the supervisor as per the actions required.

MakerBot CloudPrint 2.0

More importantly, CloupPrint is completely free and also compatible with the other Makerbot applications such as MakerBot METHOD® Platform, MakerBot SKETCH®, and MakerBot Replicator® 3d printer series.

What are the new features of Makerbot CloudPrint 2.0?

These are the new features of the Makerbot CloudPrint 2.0 upgrades

Faster Workflow

Makerbot 2.0 ensures that each user can import native and multi-body CAD parts to automatically place them into the build plate. The big advantage here is that the user does not need to convert the native CAD files separately while preparing the model for 3d print. Moreover, the automatic orientation offers an extra advantage to the 3d printing process flow. With all the other features, batch importing of the native CAD files along with the auto orientation makes the CloudPrint 2.0 even faster with its 3d printing workflow.

MakerBot CloudPrint 2.0

Seamless Integration

Makerbot CloudPrint 2.0 is a cloud-based 3d printing workflow system that integrates with other applications seamlessly. This single solution allows its users to take action regarding the printers and prints. The new upgrade of the print preparation stages along with the managing workspaces gives extra efficiency. For instance, the user can now toggle back to other parts while the system saves the latest parts sequentially.

Awesome Queue Management

Managing the queues has always been a bigger hassle for the 3d printing workflow. With this latest upgrade, users can now easily enhance the printer user through slicing and putting them on a proper print order. For instance, after completion of a work and its removal from the build plate, the 3d printer starts working immediately on the next job without any further complexities. Even, the 3d printer can switch material as per the slicer requirement automatically with this Makerbot CloudPrint 2.0.

MakerBot CloudPrint 2.0

Information & Follow-up

CloudPrint ensures that each user keeps their track records on the workflow solution. It makes sure that no one can even erase any important work process data. It records all of the information starting from the designing CAD to the final 3d printing. Its innovative notification system can now notify the users about the extruder and Chambers temperature. Such an advanced system significantly helps the risks of hazards that we mentioned in our last article.

These are steps of using Makerbot CloudPrint 2.0

In this section, we will talk about the step-by-step procedure of using Makerbot CloudPrint 2.0. The guideline will help the new users greatly.

Connect with a Makerbot Printer

The first step is to connect with any of the MakerBot 3d printers. The compatible devices are ETHOD, METHOD X, Sketch, Replicator+, Replicator Z18, Replicator Mini+, and Replicator 5th Gen.

Select Material Type

After selecting the rd printer, your second task is to choose the material that you are going to use for the 3d print. There will be a list of materials such as ABS, ASA, Nylon, Nylon Carbon Fiber, PC-ABS-FR, PLA, ABS-R, Metal, Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber, PC ABS, PETG, and Tough.

You will also get to see a list of Extruder selections such as 1A, 1XA, 1C, and LABS.

There will be an extra advantage that the CloudPrint will identify the material through its onboard sensors.

MakerBot CloudPrint 2.0


Try The Preset Mode

There will also be preset modes that you may give a try. The three preset modes are as follows

  • Balanced
  • Solid
  • High Quality

It ensures that every user must have to get the best results every time they make a 3d print.

Part Strength Controlling

WIth the CloudPrint 2.0, the user can move between the installed density settings or can also set their own destiny. For instance, there would be both

  • Balanced mode with infill 10% and
  • Solid mode with infill 100%

Both of the modes and the custom infill settings will shoe the estimated 3d printing time and the material required to make the 3d print.

Part Orientation is Smart

The solution itself identifies the most suitable plating for faster printing experiences. Unlike the other 3d printers, you do not need to intervene in the orientation process manually.

Multiple prints on a single Plate

With the MakerBot CloudPrint 2.0, you can easily upload the native CAD designs together and print them at the same time in the same build plate. the solution is compatible with the file types of .catpart, .dae, .gib, .iges, .ipt, .obj, .par, .sab, .sat, .sldprt, .stl, .wrl, .x_t, .Thing, .makerbot. 

Set Advanced Customization

You can customize each of the particular sections such as Printer, Extruder, Roofs, Shells, Infill, Floors, Supports & Bridging, and Baselayers. The big advantage here is that changing one setting will not alter the other. If something is wrong or impossible to achieve, the MakerBot CloudPrint will help with its advanced notification system.

About MakerBot

MakerBot is a leading company in 3d printing industry. The company redefined the 3d printing devices and solutions with all of its innovative competencies. MakerBot 3d is famous for its printing quality, printing speed, and silent operating system. The company is also good for 3d printing materials and solutions. It directly contributes to the supply-chain mechanism of various industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing Product design, etc.

The company was first founded by its three founder members on January 20, 2009. Currently, the parent company Stratasys holds MakerBot as a subsidiary. The headquarter of MakerBot is located in the New York City of USA.

MakerBot, MakerBot CloudPrint, MakerBot LABS, MakerBot METHOD, MakerBot SKETCH, and MakerBot Replicator are trademarks or registered trademarks of MakerBot Industries, LLC. STRATASYS is a trademark of Stratasys, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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