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Our core specialization is in laser cutting and engraving. However, we are also experts in 3d printing and regular printing niches. We understand CNC machine and printers very well which help us to present valuable information and hands-on experiences.

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Laser Engraving

We know laser machines very well. Our review, comparison, and how-to contents are above the benchmarks

Action Figure 3d print from Elegoo Saturn

3D Printing

We help you to decide the best 3d printers at the lowest cost. Also, our guides help you ease out 3d printing

Computer Printer


From regular printing to industrial printing. Our experts will help you learn more about printers

How can we add value to the laser engraver users?

We continuously analyze the changes in the laser engraving sector and try to bring the latest updates to you. Additionally, we make regular blogs on how should you maintain your laser cutter as well as publish guides on different engraving issues.

So, our greatest value addition is to assist you while you buy a new laser engraving machine and make necessary upgrades. We bring analysis on laser machine comparison as a means of active guidance to our regular readers. Such comparisons are tricky and require hands-on tests which might make it impossible for you to discriminate among the laser machines available.

Furthermore, our technical team actively works on identifying the important issues that you should notice before engraving something. For example, laser-engraving leather is not same as the laser-engraving metal. In such cases, we actively help you with different engraving guides.

Example of our technical engraving guide

We have published tons of articles on laser engraving problem-solving issues, recent trends, and other laser projects. Each piece of item will offer extensive knowledge of engraving know-how.

Laser Engraving on metal

How can we add value to the 3d printing enthusiasts?

3d printing is a vast topic that requires so many types of technical guidelines. For example, you should know what causes a 3d print warping and how should you tackle such an issue. Similarly, learning things like 3d printer temperature, print bed, z-axes movement, and using different filaments will help you to make the best 3d prints with your 3 printer.

So, our first value addition to the 3d printer users can be bringing the technical skills regarding 3d printing which covers almost everything. Furthermore, we help you to differentiate different among the filament and resin printers so that you can work with both types of 3d printers.

You can consider this blog as an all-in-one 3d printing guide where the experts continuously work for you in terms of bringing the latest news and solving 3d printing problems.

Example of our 3d printing guide

This guideline will help you to discriminate between the SLA and filament printers along with other technical knowledge. It aims to bring tough 3d printing solutions and guides you with the recommendations.

Laser Engraving on metal

How do we help with regular printers?

If we ask you which printer would you buy for infrequent use? You may not find a straight answer to that. Because there are plenty of different factors that affect a printer’s performance. For instance, an ink tank printer would not be a suitable suggestion if you use it infrequently since the ink dries up due to frequent use.

It was just an example, There are hundreds of such confusing printing topic that needs someone’s assistance for clarification. For instance, the printer for a small office would not be the same as the printer for a notary public.

Overall, we solve these printer-related puzzles and help you to get the right things and know the right solutions.

Example of our computer printing guide

We all know that both the Canon and Epson. Without someone’s help, it will be impossible for you to discriminate the both.

In easy words, we bring exact figures and facts to solve your printer-related issues so that your decision-making takes less time and you can focus on other works.

Laser Engraving on metal

Overall, we a re go to experts in laser cutting, laser engraving, 3d printing, and regular printing issues. We solve your problems with the analytics of the respective products and make your life easy.