PC PBT Filament Printing in 3d PBT Printer | Alternative to ABS Filament

Many people are questioning PBT 3d printing. Some are struggling to find the best PBT 3d printers.

This article addresses the technical parts of PC PBT filament printing and will discuss why PBT filament is the best alternative to ABS and PLA.

PBT Filament Printing – What do experts say?

Many people demand that PBT shines higher than ABS. Experts concluded that shininess takes a lot of time.

ABS caps can be double-shot. That is, you can mold and mildew a cap with the legend remaining hollow, and after that you can thaw in the plastic of the various other shade right into that space. Hence, with abdominal, you can obtain a black cap with a white legend.

I believe ABS has a harder, much more smooth feeling, typically, while PBT typically has more grain/texture, as well as really feels ‘softer’ to the touch. This is a very subjective paragraph – PBT isn’t soft in all, yet to me, it feels less extreme maybe? Do remember I stated I had a difficult time telling abdominal and PBT apart in the DSA caps I have.

PBT 3d Printing

PBT, at its ideal (opinion), is most likely to be dye-subbed. Color sublimation is essentially taking the image you want on the cap, and also ‘cooking’ it in. The ink seeps into the cap rather methods, and also hence you can place the cap through a lot of wear, and never ever have your tale fade. The primary weak point of dye-subbing is that you can not print lighter colors on darker caps. Some people do turn around dye-subbing (dye the whole cap black, while protecting against the dye from reaching the place of the legend), but it’s not quite ideal yet. You can also learn more about waterproofing 3d prints.

PBT 3d Printing

Additionally, PBT can be double-shot, but it’s additionally sort of an unknown I believe. PBT has a tendency to expand and warp while including the secondary shade, so when it cools you do not constantly obtain a nice fit/there might be an area in between both plastics.

Last but not least, in lots of PBT collections, the spacebar will certainly be ABS, as making big caps from PBT is a bit tough, due to warpage. There are PBT spacebars though, as well as you can often discover a very minor bowing, also in the good ones.

PBT 3d Printing

ABS is usually considered lower high quality. They shine much, much faster than PBT. They’re additionally more widely produced, which indicates most of them are thinner/lower high quality than many PBT caps.

Generally, PBT caps are thicker, better, as well as will certainly withstand shining for a lot longer than abdominal muscle.

Abdominals are much better, however, in regards to colorway selection because of the ability to double/triple shot different colors in them. Due to just how PBTs are made, the legends generally have to be darker than the keycap shade, which removes lots of different colorways (like Laser, Dasher, Lightcycle, etc.).In my point of view … PBT is the method to go if you can locate a colorway you like.

PBT Vs PLA – 3d printing filament Comparison

Here’s a quick comparison of PBT & PLA filament.

Variables PBT PLA
Glass Transition Temperature, °C 40 60
Heat Deflection Temperature At 455 kPa (66 psi), °C 160 65
Melting Onset (Solidus), °C 230 160
Stiffness to Weight: Axial, points 1.1 to 3.2 1.6
Flexural Modulus, GPa 2.6 to 9.1 4.0
Stiffness to Weight: Bending, points 35 to 45 40
Strength to Weight: Axial, points 12 to 25 11
Strength to Weight: Bending, points 25 to 38 24

Information source: Makeitfrom

So, what’s the summary?

Polycarbonate/polybutylene terephthalate (PC/PBT) mixes bring together the advantages of amorphous computer, which supplies influence stamina (sturdiness) and dimensional stability, and also semi-crystalline PBT, which adds chemical and heat resistance as well as stiffness. These blends supply high heat resistance as much as 140 ° C, weatherability and also UV resistance, and also influence efficiency at low-temperature levels to -40 ° C. They likewise maintain shade under weathering and also UV direct exposure.

PBT 3d Printing

Regular vehicle applications for PC/PBT materials, which withstand stress breaking from chemical direct exposure, consist of lorry bumpers, tailgate external panels, door takes care as well as hoods that can be found in contact with gas and lubes. The chemical resistance of PC/PBT also makes it a candidate for lawn and also garden power devices and tools.

PBT 3d Printing


components for automobile, commercial as well as power electronic devices need to fulfill a vast array of rigid mechanical requirements as they impact passenger security. These components must stand up to both short- and also long-lasting exposure to high temperatures, making certain there are no power breakdowns, leaks, or brief circuitries.

Vehicle circuit boxes bring a specific set of material difficulties, as their feature is to safeguard as well as protect an automobile’s electric as well as digital circuits from direct exposure to outdoors aspects, while also controlling the existing that moves with the circuitry to every part. The circuit box product needs to provide electrical and mechanical properties, in addition to resistance to low and high-temperature levels.

Here’s a good list of PBT 3d Printer

If you are trying to get a solid overview of good printers that support PBT filament, check this out!

PBT 3d Printing

PBT has long been a recommended choice for typical injection-molded electronic components. The challenge here was to find the right product for a 3D-printed car fuse box that supplied all of the needed technical attributes.

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