The Impact of Laser Engraving on the Promotional Mug Industry

With the help of laser technology, an undeniable transformation has been witnessed across multiple sectors – one of which is the promotional mug industry.

Laser engraving did not only influence customization but also helped another industry grow a substantial amount.

According to a report from the Advertising Specialty Institute, promotional mugs were the fifth most popular product category in 2019, that accounted about 8.1% of the total promotional product sales. In the same report that was released in March 2022, we saw that 78% of consumers own promotional drinkware.

The report also mentioned that the consumers keep such promotional drinkware for an average of 10 months which influences the organization to spend marketing budget here.

We will look at this topic a little more broadly and try to understand what motivates people towards laser engraved mugs!

Quality and durability

Laser engraving has escalated the quality and durability of promotional mugs. Unlike traditional printing methods, laser engraving marks the designs directly into the mug’s surface permanently. It ensures better durability and makes it unerasable as well. Additionally, such engravings do not look inferior which is another motivating factor for the consumer to keep it for more than 10 months.

The power of personalization

The intricate designs and mass customization are only possible with the laser engravings as the technology offers the best precision without compromising time and additional costs.

Laser Engraving on the Promotional Mug Industry research

A study by Deloitte found that 1 in 5 consumers are willing to pay a 20% premium for personalized products or services that uncover engraved mug opportunities in this sector. We saw that ‘Etsy’ charges roughly $60 to $80 for an engraved rambler whereas the ‘Yeti’ takes only $30 for that.

Engraving is environment friendly

It may sound strange but true. Despite the power consumption and smoke, the laser is still the most environmentally friendly option compared to printed materials.

Because the mechanism is a non-contact process and does not require any additional pigment, experts treat laser engraved mugs as environment-friendly marketing material.

According to Nielsen’s 2015 Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands, a trend that laser engraving squarely fits into (in 2014 it was 50% and increasing each year). As per Bain & Company’s survey of over 23,000 consumers, it was found that in 2023 12% of customers were willing to pay premium prices for an environmentally sustainable product.

Efficiency & Cost-effectiveness

Since the laser engraving mechanism is fully automated and computer-controlled there is less chance of error unless the machine breaks down.

Such assurance of efficiency motivated the customers to invest in it which directly influenced this metal mig engraving sector rapidly.

As a reference, we engraved 5 stainless steel mugs yesterday which took 7 minutes in total.

Thanks to the latest mug engravers with amazing features.

Future trend

The industry is expected to witness even more growth in the coming years. For example, Technavio’s market research report predicts that the global promotional product market will grow by USD 7.58 billion during 2023-2027, progressing at a CAGR of almost 1.63%.

As laser engraving technology continues to evolve, it will further create a total promotional item’s market capitalization of USD 36.94 billion in 2027.

Even though the CAGR has decreased to 1.63 from 3% in 2020, the laser engraving sector still has a significant impression over such growth.

Innovation and Versatility

Compared to the past results of pattern engraving, customers prefer QR engraving through the laser marking process. Such advancement helped the organization to cater to a big market to land on their website, apps, or something else with those QR codes.

In the future, such technology may adopt something new and merchandising will grow at the same pace.

However, engraving businesses need to stay informed about emerging trends and customer preferences.

In this process, we are trying to help by creatively bringing the updates.


The impact of laser engraving on the promotional mug industry is significant. Per the studies, people will keep loving sustainable and environment-friendly items over pigment-printed materials. So, laser engraved mugs will have promising business growth in the future.

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