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Write for us – We Welcome Quality Guest Posts

We appreciate your effort in writing for us. We accept quality guest posts and publish them on our website.

Guest Blogging Guideline

We appreciate it if you follow these guest blogging guidelines before submitting the article for final review.

  1. The topic that you are willing to write about needs to be related to the topics of our website
  2. The article must contain genuine figures/numbers with their respective source
  3. We welcome Guestographic posts (Articles with related infographic images)
  4. The minimum length of the content needs to be 1500 words or more
  5. We do not accept any plagiarized contents
  6. We do not accept more than two referring links per article
  7. We do not accept any copy images with the article

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging Content Tips

  • You can write about 3d printing, 3d printer, 3d prints, or any other computer hardware such as printers and router etc.
  • Write the content in a natural tone. Try to avoid too many complex sentences and passive voice.
  • Try to cover topic-related issues precisely
  • Try to follow the topic sequence
  • Talk about the real-life experiences
  • make it easy to read and always
  • make sure the use statistics that relate to your content
  • Make charts or comparisons of issues
  • Make use of paragraphs, Bullets, and lists

For more inquiries regarding guest post/guest blogging, please contact us.

Request For Product Review

We appreciate reviewing any products. However, we do not publish anything that does not meet our quality guidelines. If you need to request your product review, please contact us.

Happy Blogging!

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