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Our in-depth laser engraving guide will help you choose the right machine

Why should you need an expert guide for laser engraver?

Buying a laser engraver is a significant investment that requires solid guidance due to its technical complexity. It’s essential to gain expert advice to understand the different types of laser engravers available and their capabilities. For instance, you need to understand whether you need a diode laser engraver or a CO2 cutter. Similarly, understanding the capacities and the limitations of different laser machines would save you from incurring excessive investments in the future.

As a laser engraving expert, we offer insights into the machine’s functionality that help ensure users attain maximum efficiency and productivity.

We will guide you on safety regulations in handling these machines and troubleshooting any sudden problems. Our expert guide will help you to increase the longevity of your laser engraver.

Our publications on laser engraving

Which areas of laser engraving do we focus on?

We continuously perform tests of different laser engravers in our testing lab which helped us to grow expertise in this area. As a consequence, we can guide you on the following grounds:

  • Helping while you buy any laser machine
  • Learning how to operate a laser cutter
  • Troubleshooting any sudden issues with laser marking
  • Assisting with material compatibility and accurate settings
  • Providing updated knowledge of the laser engraving industry

Which mistakes do people make while choosing a laser cutter?

When purchasing a laser cutter, people often make several common mistakes. For example, people often forget to look for software compatibility which leads to uncomfortable laser machine operation.

Similarly, they often neglect to notice important aspects of a laser machine such as ventilation, air assistance, 3 axes linear movement, diverse material compatibility, machine upgradability, and rotary kit compatibility.

Such simple mistakes will not only cost you money but also cause you trouble while engraving metal tumblers, jewelry, and other fancy items.

We aim to solve these puzzles before you make any wrong decisions with your next laser engraving project.

Why should you trust us?

At our lab, we take the task of product review seriously to provide you with the utmost confidence in our recommendations. Before publishing any product review, we start with hands-on testing, where we deeply evaluate the laser engraver’s performance in various parameters.

Scores in every stage are recorded so that we can test data from one laser engraver to another. We don’t just stop there; we also execute a series of engraving to understand the machine’s limits and assess its practicality.

To give you a holistic insight, we interact with real users, taking interviews to understand their engraving experiences and feedback. Our methodical approach always ensures that you get valuable insights at zero cost.

Some of our success stories

Followings are our success stories which will surely boost our credibility to you.

Several times we have been featured by the giant laser engraver manufacturer xTool (USA). We assisted them by sharing hands-on experience with their latest laser engravers. Many times, we actively helped them sort out value additions from the points received by the customers’ interviews.

We were the first who reviewed the revolutionary 3D bioprinter developed by the Lulzbot, USA. That bioprinter is currently used by medical surgeons to artificially design coronary arteries and replace them with the originals.

Appraised by Makerbot

We helped the MakerBot (a giant 3d printing company) while developing their 3d printer workflow automation solution, The MakerBot Cloudprint 2.

Trusted by Wikipedia

Our informative contents on laser engraving & 3d printing are often used as a Wikipedia citation which brings more confidence on us

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We are also a 3d printing expert

As we know the laser engravers well, it is an easy job for us to evaluate the 3d printers’ performance as both the 3d printers and laser cutters follow the CNC mechanism.

We wrote about the 3d printing ideas, guided about the 3d printers, and helped our readers troubleshoot 3d printing errors.

Beyond these, we continuously help our readers with necessary informative articles on 3d printing and other qualitative issues. For example, our readers now know:

  • Which 3d printers are suitable for making action figures?
  • Why do the filament printers cannot print action figures?
  • How to solve 3d printing errors?
  • Why someone should avoid any 3d printers without enclosures and so on?

Take our expert help in 3d printing

From the free 3d print design to the 3d printing buying guide, we can assist in every possible way. The funny thing is that the world’s fastest 3d printer of 2023 (Bambu Lab X1 Carbon) first came to our testing lab and then went commercially live. Also, we were among the first blogs who were featured by Lulzbot, the revolutionary 3d bioprinter manufacturer

Action Figure 3d Print on Anycubic Photon

We help you with regular printing as well

We also help our readers with trending knowledge and technical insights into computer printing. Besides recommending printers, we publish articles on printing tips, daily printing hacks, and printer comparisons.

Such resources intend to help you be a printer expert so that you know which printer you need and how should you get the best output from your existing printers.

Do you know?

Almost 70% of us are spending $200 extra on computer printers just for not knowing the right information…

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